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Wildlife pond - decking legs in water.

North Yorks, United Kingdom Gb

Nearly finished digging and been told a deck would look nice to view pond from.Thought better write this now before being let loose with power tools.Deck legs need to stand in water but do I cut liner round them put holes through how to stop water leaking away ?Presumably do this before liner goes in?



Better still, ask the 'Boss' for a solution. That way, you're not to blame <hehehe>

10 Apr, 2008


Hi Bonkers - I'm not sure why the legs have to go into the water? Are you planning a structure like a bridge? In pictures I've seen of 'observation decks', they only overhang the water by a little bit - a couple of inches, say. IF this is what you have in mind, then I wouldn't think you need to put legs down in the water....but then I'm no DIYer! Sarah.

10 Apr, 2008


You do not cut the pond liner as it would be impossible to make a water tight seal around the legs. You put something under the leg to spread the weight, say a good smooth paving slab or such like. This sits on top of the liner. I would put a spare bit of liner under the paving slab too just to make sure it cannot damage the liner proper.

10 Apr, 2008


I don't suppose you are looking for a couple of gunneras are you and live in the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire area - they would look lovely near your pond!!!!

10 Apr, 2008


Thank you thats great stuff to make me laugh - cheers Andrew stuff to make me think cheers Sid . An excellent suggestion Owdboggy so simple but I would never have come up with it.Seen pictures of small jetty protruding over wildlife pond so legs need to be in water.
Thanks for offer Andrea up on North East coast so a bit far for gunneras.Now if you had said you had a couple of gunners been there like shot.Could have blown a hole for me and saved all this digging!

10 Apr, 2008


Ha ha ha - now that's real 'man-gardening' ....BOOM!!! te he...

11 Apr, 2008


Went to the fantastic Hampton Court flower show and saw a natural pond(large) with decking overhanging the pond . It was supported by building blocks placed on top of the liner submerged under the water. It looked lovely .Good luck and please post your pics when finished.Julez

13 Apr, 2008


Thank you Julez0 now makes sense to me as garden slopes was having to dig a tremendous amount at one end just to get level with other.Will post pics pond now 18x12 all hand dug 3 feet deep in places .

14 Apr, 2008

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