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Can anyone identify this plant? Weed to get rid or goody to keep?

Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom Gb

Its a low, spreading plant that seems to creep across the ground. It also seems to be evergreen but that may be because it's in a sheltered spot. It's liking the shady area under the honeysuckle. The soil is damp and clay, if this helps. I've took a photo of it with the ivy leaf in the background so you can get an idea of size.
Thank you :-)




Lysimachia nummularia - Creeping Jenny. Has yellow flowers and is 'invasive' which can be good in some areas. Yes, it's evergreen and will go in sun or shade.

21 Mar, 2009


this has very prominent veins, my lysimachia doesnt look as 'pretty' as this and the tips are more tightly curled.
if you dont like it get rid. doesnt matter if it is a proper plant it is still a weed if you dont want it Reebeesfleurs.

21 Mar, 2009


Thank you to both of you, this is great! I do like it so I'll keep it, as a bit of ground cover here will keep away those unwanted weeds! As you can just about make out in the pic I have sticky bud, dandelions and hardcore nettles. This is so much prettier than those! I can't wait to see the flowers.
Thanks again :-)

21 Mar, 2009


some of my favourite flowers are wild british natives or weeds to some. I have one rose in the ground the rest i dug up over a few months as they were weeds when i 'saw' them.

21 Mar, 2009

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