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Norfolk, United Kingdom

My turn to ask what it is.
I rescued the plant about 2 yrs ago when it was just a few bits of dead stick with leaves on.
Now it had bloomed, the flowers smell a bit like the big bindweed flowers



Sorry - no idea photo is out of focus if we are meant to be looking at the white flower. For a proper i.d. could you post an, in focus, image of whole shrub, and also leaves as part of this Q

29 Oct, 2011


It can't be, surely, at this time of year, but it looks very like my Exochorda macrantha 'The Bride'!! :-O

29 Oct, 2011


I've not long planted an Exochorda and the leaves are very similar

29 Oct, 2011


The shape of the flowers looks right, so does the plant's habit.

30 Oct, 2011


Many Thanks.. I did a picture search for the Exochorda macrantha 'The Bride" and its the one I have but they are mostly better looking. Now to find out how to look after it

30 Oct, 2011

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