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how to improve your soil


By Andre

United Kingdom Gb

i have an area that used to be grassed and had a camilia sited there, the soil seems in poor condition, and my misses would like to use the bed for a first time trying to grow some vegtables,how do i improve the soil condition



With a lot of digging! You should ideally double-dig the area, adding lots of well-rotted manure and home-made compost. Good luck!

17 Mar, 2009


I am doing the same in my new garden which is clay based...Mr Henry as above has advised me to dig in loads of compost...seemingly we will both be in for alot of hard work before the harvest can be brought in...I hope it works out and we both eat well in the autumn from the fruits of our labours!!

17 Mar, 2009


I tried adding Vitax Clay Break to my beds this autumn. If it does what it says on the packet, I will be pleased although there is no substitution for hard work and humus, I'm afraid.

17 Mar, 2009


As an alternative, you could always buy those raised bed planks, in either plastic or wood, and fill with bagged soil specifically for growing veggies in them?

18 Mar, 2009


Hallo!!! I am not male - I am a she - and most folk shorten my name to Spritz!!!

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18 Mar, 2009


Sorry.I thought you were a bloke too.

18 Mar, 2009

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