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Hi guys,Its me again.
I was wondering if you guys can help me?. My wife has a large house plant,Which normaly i have nothing to do with.But a couple of days ago she asked me to move it because it had got too heavy for her to handle,So i got hold of it andit started to wobble in my hands.I wasnt sure what was causing it so took it outside,I tilted it and water spilled over side of dislay pot.I removed inner pot and it was full of water,I stood it on ground for about 4 hours and the exess water drained out.I think i saved the plant but when had good look i saw the roots were growing out of drain holes in pot.I am assuming it may be getting pot bound,So my question is am i right and should we think of repotting.If yes when would be best?,I do not know what it is so am posting a couple of picks.Thanks a lot for your help..Cheers.Hope the pics are good enough..

Plant_001 Plant_002



It's one of the Maranta group - funnily enough, these do not like to dry out, the compost should be kept moist, but the plant should not be left standing in water. Repotting should be done in Spring every 2years, but if its desperate you can do it now, although probably the only reason the roots are out the bottom is because it was in an outer pot. So to sum up, if you think its desperate, you will need to do it now - if you think it can wait till spring, then do that.

21 Oct, 2011

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