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Can I save my hydrangea?

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I've never grown hydrangea and I thought it was okay to prune back my hydrangea as I would most flowering shrubs or flowers. The previous homeowner took immaculate care of the lawn and gardens and I'm just sick that I may have caused permanent damage to the plants. I believe the plants are the mophead/lacecap variety and I believe they were planted about 6-7 years ago. I live in western NY.
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It depends how much you cut them back, should be no problem if you still have some buds down the stems, if you cut them to the ground then you may have lost them, good luck.

17 Mar, 2009


Same answer here. If there is still some buds on the stems, you could mulch around the base of the plants and keep it well watered. Once it starts flowering, feed with a liquid fertiliser to strengthen it.

BTW, if you are still worried, why don't you take a cutting of a small branch with a few healthy looking buds on?

17 Mar, 2009


I had this harsh pruning done to one of mine and it sent up new shoots from the base. so if you have already pruned it it may come away again.

17 Mar, 2009

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