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Hi I'm getting married in June 20th and wanted to plant some bulbs/seeds now that might flower around that time can anyone advise as what to plant?? Its a large hall so i'd like a mixture of tall and small flowers white, lillac, yellow mainly.

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Lucy the novice gardener



It depends on the type of wedding you're having I suppose! If it's a real country affair, you could go with lashings of cosmos and other wildflowers - you can normally pick and choose the colours from the garden centre - they are normally quite quick growing and abundent flowers too (as long as you deadhead when needed).

If however you are going for classy and sassy, you could opt for calla lilys, quite expensive to buy I think and not sure how you would ensure they all flowered on your wedding day - that would be the trickiest part I think.

Hope this helps but I expect you'll get better answers from other people on here!

16 Mar, 2009


Look at annual seeds, you can choose the colours in the catalogues and the shapes and sizes of the flowers. You could always look at google and search the colour and it might give you several options. You could try bulbs, but you really have to be confident they will be at their prime in the day of your wedding. Get a wriggle on because you need to be sowing them asap. I would sow them and grow them indoors, depending on how fast they grow move them into a cold frame.

16 Mar, 2009


How about Lilies? You can plant them ASAP in pots and they should be in flower, I would think.

16 Mar, 2009


Thanks! I just bought some lily bulbs today and I'll try planting some in pots in the house too! a neighbour suggested Cosmos so might try getting some of that I'd really like wild flowers and hoping to have some lavender... Will just have to hope for the best! Any other suggestions much appreciated ;-)

16 Mar, 2009


I would be very careful with lillies, the pollen on the stamens will get on your dress or any cloth and will stain forever, so if you are going to use them, cut off the ends of the stamens where the pollen is stored.

19 Mar, 2009

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