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Hello newbie here! i just wanted to get some advice

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

I decided to grow some plants from seed and i think all is going ok, i have got some cosmos and the shoots are about 4 inches in height they are in pots in my sunstore and seem to be thriving , i am not sure what the next step is, i have about 3 shoots in each pot and i am unsure when 2 seperate them or plant them out as i said i am new to this so any suggestions would be really welcome.



Pot each one up separately in its own pot. It's still too early to plant them out in the soil outside. Before you do plant them out, you have to harden them off - this is done by putting them outside for a few hours each day, taking them back in at night for a while...maybe 2 weeks? This prepares them for the big outdoors!!! ;-)

16 Mar, 2009


Thanks for your reply i will follow your advice ,this is a great site am really glad to have come across it , so many lovely pictures hopefully i will be able to post some too if they come out ok!!

16 Mar, 2009


Welcome, Cosmos - you will find that it's a friendly place and I know you'll enjoy it! :-)

I look forward to seeing your photos.

16 Mar, 2009


Thanks Spritzhenry, was just looking at the different plants in the ''shop'' have got a bit of a shady area and want to grow a climber , i really fancy the ''Japanese Wisteria'' but i have animals and am worried as it is harmful if eaten, will keep looking, so many lovely things!!!

16 Mar, 2009


I don't think Wisteria would like shade very much! Check out anything you like before you buy it, won't you!

16 Mar, 2009


well the shadey area gets full sun up till early afternoon and then has no sun at all , so maybe not enough sun? will keep looking!!

17 Mar, 2009

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