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Where to place a wildlife pond?

can anyone tell me where the best place to put a wildlife pond would be, does it matter if it is in full sun or shade and can the location affect the water quality does it go green or stay clear thanks if anyone can help.



Hi Gingertrucker. Where do you want your pond? Do you want it close to youre house? bottom of the garden etc..
They always say not in full /all day sun as it will green up quickly. Books and over people will tell you not in a shaded/wooded area as it will be too dark with the chance of extra muck i.e. extra leaf fall.
I know it's easy to say but somewhere in between would be great.
Mine is situated at the bottom of the garden, with lots of trees around yet it is quite clear directly above. I do get a lot of leaf fall but then I have a small net to hook these out. During Autumn I put a large net over the pond to reduce the leaf fall.
Birds poo in it, twigs fall in it, mud gets knocked in to it due to animals visiting it. I have put in this year a small bale of barley to reduce the greening process. I fish out the rotten leaves and muck at the bottom of the pond every now and then. Some of it aids to attract nature, try and think that you are only mimicking something in the wild.
Easy access, dappled shade where it looks good and natural. Mine is one year old and is looking better each week as plants grow and insects arrive. We only put water in it a few plants and it is now teaming with wild life.
A few pics are on my home page.

7 Apr, 2008


Hi Gingertrucker perhaps we can learn together as doing same.Only place was between two apple trees so removed boughs that would overhang not just leaves would fall in.Lots of conflicting advice from other sites things I ve read-makes this site so good as get good advice and a laugh . Not one to offer advice but from my experience would say make as big as site will allow.Digging got to be the hardest part and tempting to make small and shallow . others far more knowledgable than me will say same.
You completely new to this ? If so then will pass on progress to you esp. my mistakes so that it goes more smoothly for you.Back to digging good luck

8 Apr, 2008


I have read that the more sun the water receives, the greener the water will tend to get. HOWEVER! water plants such as water lillies like to have full sun. SO, my book says, the best place is in full sun, but with lots of water plants that SHADE the water! Thus - full sun + lots of plants = clear-ish water (if my book is right!) Speaking from limited experience of ponds, unless you have a pond filter, the water will never look really clean. I don't think this is nec I problem for a wildlife pond tho? WHen you come to fill your pond, try to use only rain water, as tap water contains nitrates that will cause algae.

8 Apr, 2008

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