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This year I grew some roses from seeds I got in a "name a rose" gift pack. They have produced lots of daisy sized flowers and are still blooming.W ill they require pruning in their first year and if so, when and how ?

Pippa (Auchinloch)




No do not prune it this year at all the plant is too young. Just dead head the spent flowers and clean up the leaves when they fall, to prevent diseases next year.
It is a pretty thing Pippa.

16 Oct, 2011


Thank you so much, Pimpernel! I really hope they survive . I am very emotionally attached to them - for personal reasons. At least, following your advice , I will know I have done my best . I wonder if the flowers will stay this small- I have never grown roses before .

16 Oct, 2011


In our search box top right just under "your options" search for Rosa canina. ( Dog Rose )

They vary quite a bit. I have a photo of one like yours, a little less pink in my photo's. The flower measures about two inches across, the plant however is about Six feet x six feet.

17 Oct, 2011


I think you are right - Rosa Canina looks more like it than anything else I have seen. Hopefully that ,means they will be fairly easy to care for. They are currently in pots as I wanted to be able to move them around if they were being fussy about their position. Now that they seem quite happy where they are, do you think I should leave them in their pots or put them in the ground?

17 Oct, 2011


October and November are good planting times, but the winter forecast is bad/terrible. It might be an Idea to leave them in the pot somewhere cool but frost free until spring ( like a porch ) Hopefully one of our rose growers will give better advice. But you could be preparing your planting sight. Good drainage and rich soil, get it ready now before you plant.

Have a look at Rosa rubrifolia as well..It could be

17 Oct, 2011


Thanks you have been really helpful ! I think I will put them in my unheated greenhouse and start doing some serious digging !

17 Oct, 2011

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