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What is this plant?


By Nona

Given to me as a gift for Valentine's Day and is not doing well. I don't know what it is and so don't know the sorts of care it needs.
It's oddity is that the flowers seem to bloom upside down!? Help?

On plant ?




Looks like a Cyclamen to me and it's just doing what it should at this time of the year. Around April the plant begins to go dormant, will sleep for the summer then reshoot in September.
I've found a site that will help explain it all for you.

Copy and paste this into your browser and have a look. Good luck.

7 Apr, 2008


Nona, it does like a cool room, so if you have got it somewhere too warm it will droop and the leaves go yellow and so on. Also always water from the saucer it's on, don't wet the corm or it may rot. The flowers do grow like that, they are very pretty! Hope this helps.

7 Apr, 2008


Maple right I made mistake of trying to plant these out as had seen carpets of cyclamen growing in woodland setting.think bluebells and this their prefered setting as flower before tree canopy comes into leaf.Of course the outdoor cyclamen a different smaller plant they self seed and will spread eventually so long as you get right ones!

7 Apr, 2008

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