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By Dwarf

west yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

my poinsettia is dropping its leaves now , could you tell me what to do with it so i dont kill it

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It's easier to think of these as annual plants, really, Dwarf. It's quite complicated to keep them for next year and get them to flower again. Sorry, but I think its days are numbered. :-(

14 Mar, 2009


thank you i thought so didnt want to distroy it if i could revive it

14 Mar, 2009


You can save your poinsettia for re-blooming. In late March or early April cut your poinsettia back to about 8" in height. Water regularly and fertilize with a good all-purpose fertilizer. Place your plants outdoors in the spring after you're sure of maintaining an average overnight temperature of at least 55°F (13°C ). In late June or early July prune your plant to keep it bushy and compact. In early June you may transplant your poinsettia to a larger pot or into the garden. A soil mix with a good amount of peat moss or other organic matter is recommended.

9 Apr, 2009


was interested to read your answer John - going to keep this info handy and start a project later on in the year cheers

24 May, 2009

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