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Sambucca Nigra. I have 2 of these, i have just moved them as they were looking a bit crowded by other plants. They are about 2 foot high and looking Leggy no growth at all at the bottom. should i cut them back to ground level or, see how they go on in their new spot and establish more ?



I'd leave it alone now, you don't want to prune it and then it get affected by the winter weather.
It'll die back like a herbaceous plant soon and then reappear in the spring, if you still want to prune it do it then.

13 Oct, 2011


I shall leave it. Thanks Louise1

13 Oct, 2011


You can prune these in winter, once they're dormant. You've two choices - either cut to the ground, or remove some of the older stems at ground level and reduce the remainder by half. If you follow the first course of action, you will lose flowers next year.

13 Oct, 2011


Thanks Bamboo. Looks like i'll have to cut them to ground level and risk losing the flowers next year,both plants only have 2 stems each.

18 Oct, 2011


Ah! Sambucus nigra - Black Elderberry, my favourite plant. Only because my back garden backs onto the East Lanc's Railway Line. I've recently collected three carrier bags full of the berries in about 10 minutes from over hanging branches onto my property. With some raisins, sugar and a little patience, they will produce about 5 gallons of superb port. I make some every year and I swear to you, people think It's a shop bought port when they taste it.

I'de leave it as it is Lemondrop, it should grow like crazy next spring. We regard it as a bit of a weed around here, the ones that overhang our property are over 40 foot high and need constant cutting back. I only know when the fruit is ripe because of the purple bird droppings on my car, haha

PM me if you'de like the recipe for the port.

19 Oct, 2011


Thanks Myron. I hope i will eventually be collecting bags full of berries, think i've got a long way to go yet though!

19 Oct, 2011

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