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warwickshire, United Kingdom Gb

hi there ihave 2 appel trees 2 cherry trees 1plum tree 1pear tree can you please tell me how often i should i feed them as i planted them last year and have no fruit on them at all please help thank you doreen.



Have you completed your pruning programme, if the ground is open you can dress around them with a thick layer of well rotted manure. If it is grassed over use a dressing of Blood, Fish and Bone over the root area now.

12 Mar, 2009


thank you how oftten do i need to feed them with the fish blood and bone the pruning programe means what as the trees are still only small i havent had them not even a year so i dont know what to do can you please help and advise thank you doreen .

19 Mar, 2009


Hi Doreen, I have sent you a PM, look in your inbox.

20 Mar, 2009

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