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Trailing plants


By Reem777

Northanmptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone recommend some trailing plants, perferably hardy ones which won't be poisonous to the pets.

I have two raised flower beds made of sleepers and want something which will grow down and cover the tops of the sleepers.



Aubieta, Alyssum saxatile, Iberis sempervirens, Campanula portenschlagiana, Gypsophila repens, Saponaria, Arabis, Phlox subulata.

Will that do for you to choose from? I hope it helps!

12 Mar, 2009


to add to spritz list there is: snow in summer, creeping thymes, lamium. sorry cant remember latin names and hubby has tidied my book away and i cant find it.

12 Mar, 2009


Thanks, yes that list will be plenty to choose from. Will get onto it on my days off next week.

14 Mar, 2009

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