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By Rwh

Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Can you tell me what I can do to prevent the rust that has been attacking my Gladioli this year. My Wife loves them.

Asked from the GoYpedia gladioli page



the weather conditions have encouraged the spread of this fungus. remove any infected leaves and burn /bin do not compost them.

do you buy fresh cors every year? if yes then dig these up and throw away and plant gladies in a different place next year.
you could grow them in large pots that you then sink into the ground.

8 Oct, 2011


If you google 'Gladiolus Rust' you will find quite a number of sites which describe the problem and how to deal with it. SBG has given good advice.

8 Oct, 2011


Thanks for the comments.looking into them.

10 Oct, 2011

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