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Can anyone recommend a fast growing thorny climbing rose that I can plant in a pot


By Sjdavis

United Kingdom Gb

I need a burglar deterrent! The rose needs to grow up along a very narrow piece of fence - it gets the sun on one side and is completely shaded on the other side...all suggestions welcome, white or pale pink would be good.



I don't know about speed but for 'thornage' I'd recommend Maigold. Only trouble is it's yellow.

11 Mar, 2009


My thorniest rose is 'Mermaid' - but again, it's a pale yellow.

11 Mar, 2009


Not sure how fast they grow but R rugosa is certainly thorny and was planted around my student accomodation to deter trespassers. can get white and shocking pink/red colours.

11 Mar, 2009


In the little patio of my last house I had an Albertine. Lovely pink rose, beautiful scent and wicked thorns. Only flowered in May though.

11 Mar, 2009

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