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Swan River Daisy- what to do with seedlings


By Bryony

United Kingdom Gb

Hi, this is question from a total beginner. I have sown some Swan River Daisy seeds in a tray and they have all germinated a lot more quickly than was stated on the packet. I believe I have sown too many as the tray is packed full of little seedlings which seem to fragile to move right now. So my question is how should I handle these seedlings now? If I move them to a seed tray with cells, how many would I want per cell? Or should I just leave them to grow together densely? Thanks for any help.



This is a common problem, if you only sow a few, none come up!! You must prick them out as soon as they have a second pair of leaves showing. I would only put one in each module as you will get bigger, better plants that way. It is a false economy to put 2 or more in. You could give away the remainder or take a deep breath and compost them. Or keep some in the pot until your transplanted ones are growing well....just in case.

10 Mar, 2009


you are not on your own Bryony, i have done the same!!! got loads of the little blighters LOL, will give some away not big enough yet to move only two baby leaves as yet, thanks Volunteer answered for me too!!

10 Mar, 2009


Thanks Volunteer and Sewingkilla, I really didn't know what to do. I will wait before moving them then, and offer the others up for adoption.

10 Mar, 2009

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