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Any ideas for planting in stone built border?

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I'm moving to my first house and there is a stone raised border between the patio and the grass area, i want some easy to care for, cottage garden style, flowers and plants in this. Any ideas? Bright and colourful is what i'm wanting



the world is your oyster but how big is the plot? good annuals for colour are things like stocks, clarkia, nigella[love in a mist] pot marigolds, godetia, cornflower, annual poppy, californian poppy [perennial poppy too], sunflower, annual lupins.
pereneil lupins too.
next time you are at the gc look at the packs of seed and see if there is anything to take your fancy.

9 Mar, 2009


Plant some aubrieta, alyssum saxatile and iberis sempervirens at the edges to drape over the stonework. Then see how much room you have in the bed - there are so many plants to suggest!

Aquilegia, hardy Geraniums, Salvia, Penstemon, grasses like Festuca glauca or Stipa tenuissima, Nepeta, Campanula, Scabious and Erigeron, are just a few to look at.

Seaburngirl has given you a list of annuals - mine are perennials. You can mix and match, of course!

Have a happy time planning your border!

9 Mar, 2009

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