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how do you cut back choicea with out damage and when do you do it?


By Jjj

United Kingdom Gb

I have a big choicea in the garden and want to cut it back but not sure how to do it without damageing it



They are very forgiving shrubs, and you can prune it after it has flowered in early summer. Just cut back each 'branch' gradually and stand back to look at the overall shape every time you cut to balance the Choisya. You may well lose the second flush of flowers in the autumn this year.

When pruning, it's as well to take small amounts off first then more if you feel you want to.

9 Mar, 2009


Good advice from spritz. if you need to do it now you will loose most of this years flowers but next year it will be even better.

9 Mar, 2009

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