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Hi all, last year i grew french marigolds and collected the seeds and the end of the season, i have sowed them in my greenhouse and the germination rate is very poor ( only about 10% have germinated ) what caused this ?





Nice picture by the way. not all the seeds will have set fully so you stored the empty seed cases. But dont be too down hearted Paul as you did get some to come through. Dont throw the seed & compost away yet as some may germinate later than others. How did you store the seed? they need to be kept cool & dry I use paper towel then into an envelope as plastic makes them 'sweat' for want of a better term. They then go into the coal house where it is cool and dark. Its fun though. The sweet peas I collected have given me about 20%, but the lupin so far 0.

8 Mar, 2009

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