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acanthus mollis leaves dropped off


By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have had some in pots over winter, the leaves have all dropped off and the base of the plant looks like it may have rotted, anybody else had this problem, do you think it may revive, if planted in the borders

On plant Acanthus mollis



This is what they do in the soil, I tidy mine up and watch for the new growth appearing, which it is.

They have very deep roots - I am a bit surprised to hear that they are OK in pots.

Definitely plant them out.
I hope they are OK and that the cold winter rain hasn't harmed them.

8 Mar, 2009


This happened to a few spares in pots but you cant keep a good plant down. as spritz says they have avery long root. so plant them out and then its the waiting game. or bring them under shelter coldframe/greenhouse and see if the increased warmth encourages them into new life. I did that with a very sorry looking Phlox and its ok.

8 Mar, 2009

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