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two questions


By Steve

hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

can anyone help?
firstly, i have noticed a lot of leaves on my rhododendron have been nibbled, had a good look around the plant and cannot find any pests, what is the likely culprit and any remedies.
also i have a large climbing hydrangea which is greening up nicely , apart from one or two large branches , should i wait and see what happens or cut them down now?



It won't harm the climbing Hydrangea if you prune out any dead wood. However, let it be a little longer to ensure that the branches really are dead - just keep checking for new growth. Sorry I can't help with the first question as I can't grow Rhododendrons..

4 Apr, 2008


Hi Steve Most likely cause of nibbles to Rhododendrons is vine weevil. Actually the grubs come out at night and do the damage not the may find a hard shiny metallic critter around the base of the plant or try venturing out at night to see the grubs.
V common problem with Rhodos two solutions.
A chemical treatment called Provado made by babybio which claims to only affect the grubs or a totally organic solution is to use
friendly nematodes.
These little fellas only eat grubs and remain in the soil not affecting other friendly visitors or the plant itself.they are mixed in water and sprinkled into the soil at base of plant.your local garden centre should be able to supply both.
I generally remove the affected leaves as they brown off .Oh forgot to ask is rhodo grown in pot or garden? If in pot would repot shaking out as much of old compost as bin liner.Do not add to your compost area.use the ericaceous compost and the treatment of choice.Good luck hope you save it bonkersbon

6 Apr, 2008


thanks bonkersbon, it is the vine weavel and i think i will try the organic option first

6 Apr, 2008


spritzhenry ,thanks for the advice , i will give it a couple of months and see what happens

6 Apr, 2008


buzzbee, i think bonkersbon is right and will try his suggestions

6 Apr, 2008


You re welcome hope to see a pic when back to health should see some progess in 3 -4 weeks so long as it has stopped snowing by then ! think the nematodes might appreciate a bit warmer weather too.sadly weevil grubs can lay dormant so cold weather no problem theyll feed on root system till warm enough to nibble leaves.

6 Apr, 2008

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