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How do I get rid of the rootball of an old shrub ? Can I use Swedish tar & if so , where will I get it ?

Lancashire, United Kingdom

I have removed all the branches & leaves but cannot budge the rootball...the large branches are still attached . I have never done this before and want to plant a new shrub in the same place !



this is going to be tough. dig around the roots, cutting through big roots as you go either with lopper, saw or axe. you will get to a point where it will come out. dont cut the top down too low as you can use it as leverage.
once you have the space you will have to feed the soil well as it will have been exhausted by the previous shrub. use leafmould/compost and dig in lots of it. also consider adding fish/blood and bonemeal.

out of curiosity what have you taken out and what are you replacing it with.

6 Mar, 2009

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