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By Divonne

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I have some moss in my lawn but the problem is that most of my flower beds have now been invaded after this very wet winter. All gardening advice about eradicating moss refers to lawn moss. What can I spray on my flower beds to get rid of the moss without killing off the spring bulbs that are now emerging?



I think the only remedy at this point is to pick it all out of the flower beds by hand. An awful job, but the only way to be rid of it without damaging your emerging plants.

6 Mar, 2009


I've got the same problem, Divonne. I am scraping it off the best I can and I am going to sprinkle horticultural grit around the areas, and use a small fork to 'dig' it in where I can, to help the drainage. It's the winter wet plus last summer too, that's caused this.

It is not advisable to compost this moss, so I am told.

6 Mar, 2009


if you have lots of moss use it to line hanging baskets etc. not quite sphagnum moss but it does the job and as it is out of sight 'jobs a good un'. I use a small hand held dutch hoe type of tool for this activity. I find it like weeding quite satisfying.

6 Mar, 2009


I too suffer from this so it's on with the gloves and down on the knees. Then fill the bag up.

6 Mar, 2009


Does it actually pose a problem? I've got moss in one of my beds (one of the shady ones) and it does not seem to affect the growth of the plants at doesn't bother me.......perhaps it should?!

7 Mar, 2009

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