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Can anyone recommend a good fertilizer with low nitrogen and high potassium and phosphate?
Or in posh language Low N and high P & K?
Thanks all.



Tomato food is the obvious one - but I'm wondering what on earth you want it for at this time of year?

23 Sep, 2011


maybe she's wants something special to flower for christmas-- I'm intrigued Tet

23 Sep, 2011


I wouldve preferred powder form Bamboo I do have tomorite..I shouldve put that doh!
..thats got you both thinking aint it now? lol!
I have a number of irises that flower twice a year, and am transferring them to new ground (not dug for 20 years - borrowed from neighbour & now dug) so I need to feed them up before end of autumn...

23 Sep, 2011

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