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By Adamg40

staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have some gladioli bulbs , i have'nt planted yet just lying in trays but they are sprouting roots and the stems are starting to grow should i plant them out now can anyone help please thanks adam



hi adam~ its too early for outside. bury them in good compost in pots in a frost free place, unheated greenhouse ideal. on mild days put them out and then bring in on a night. plat out in may. they need to be burried about x2 their own depth. hope this helps.

3 Mar, 2009


thanks so much for that

3 Mar, 2009


I'v read that planting is best left until the deciduous trees in the area are fully leaved it hints that the climate is at its best, I believe that gladioli flourish better when left until being placed directly into the ground and not moved and that the roots are a good sign that they are anything but dormant. This is however with a little light research so maybe take a flick around and find out which might be best for you?

4 Mar, 2009


ive got mine in the ground talking about gladioli when they flower if you cut them down to the ground do they grow for a second flower i heard its true but what do you all say about this?

4 Mar, 2009


I suppose a large factor is the climate because I'm going off Manchester UK where hailstone and minus 5 weather last night would have been the death of my babies!

4 Mar, 2009


thank all for your input

4 Mar, 2009


i often plant them in their pots so it is easy to lift them in the autumn and there is no root disturbance. i do have some planted and left in the ground but i often dig them by mistake :o(

4 Mar, 2009

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