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Dying 'flowers' on Peace Lily


By Jill_

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

I have a newish peace lily. The first of it's floral stems are past their best and I would like to know how I should deal with them.

It sounds like a pathetic question, but I've never been much success with house plants and would hate to do something (like cut them out) if it's the wrong action to take.



Just cut the dead stem at its base - not easy, I know, but delve down and then 'snip'!

3 Mar, 2009


cut the spent flower off as close to the base of the plant. do you tend to overwater your plants? it is the major cause of death, followed by too dry an atmosphere due to central heating. enjoy your plant.

3 Mar, 2009


Thank you, advice much appreciated.

After I 'posted' this I saw the second answer - yes, I think overwatering is a possibility, but I'm trying my best not to, and I'm giving the plant a good misting. It's looking good thus far. Thank you once again - armed with scissors, I'm on my way!!

3 Mar, 2009


These plants actually 'tell' you when they need a drink of water by drooping leaves. Once you give it a drink it perks back up again, so this will prevent you from overwatering it. The white flowers go brown when they've finished so snip them off down low and you'll get more!

3 Mar, 2009

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