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Bougainvillea to trade for Verbascum 'Pink Petticoats`

Barry ... Vale of Glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

Verbascum 'Pink Petticoats`
I have 2 small rooted Bougainvillea to trade ..... for Verbascum 'Pink Petticoats`... if anyone is interested in a trade by post .... thx peter

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Sorry Peter, looks like no one has what you want to trade - or they don't want a bouganvillea, lol!

26 Sep, 2011


Hello Bamboo

Iv`e regreted not buying the Verbascum when I came across them ... i thought I will get seed and grow my own ... trouble is I can`t find seed.

If you want to rear these Boug (email) let me have your address and I will post them to you ... they will not survive the winter in my care. ... peter

27 Sep, 2011


They won't survive the winter in my care either, lol! Thanks for the offer though, and if my flat wasn't like an ice box in winter, then I'd have given it a whirl...

27 Sep, 2011


Wrap up and keep warm ... Peter

Ps: .... I think that you provide a great service to us gardening novices ... many thx

27 Sep, 2011


I'll say thanks for that, although I may be wrong in assuming you mean me specifically rather than everyone on here generally, lol! I keep warm - I wear my dressing gown over my clothes and then I'm fine...

27 Sep, 2011


I meant you ... many thx peter

27 Sep, 2011

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