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Ceonothus Problems

essex, England Eng

i asked a question a few weeks ago about my Ceonothus that seems to have something going on with it. i have it on good authority that the type of Ceonothus i have does suffer a bit during the colder months, AndrewR advised me to give it a bit of a trim once new growth starts, this i have done, but the new growth seems to have developed the same problem. the tip of the leaf browning. we have'nt had any frost for a few days (proberly since new growth started to get on way) but yet every single leaf new or old has this browning - so i am wondering is it a virus? if so is it treatable? - this area is quite compacted with other plants and i don't want it to spread. or is there the possibilty that this is still frost damage we did have some very cold weather over easter - snow etc but no frost for a while. what is everyones thoughts? don't want to loose it but would rather cut my losses than a nasty virus spread onto other things.




This variety is deciduous, majeeka. It should have lost all its leaves in the autumn and have new shoots in the spring. I really don't think you should worry about it yet.

1 Apr, 2008


thanks Spritz, that's what Andrew said, but even the new growth is coming through with these brown tips on - that's what worries me.

2 Apr, 2008


At the Garden Centre this afternoon I saw these Ceanothuses and they ALL looked like yours, so STOP worrying at once! I am sure it will be fine. Give the poor plant a chance!

2 Apr, 2008


Thanks Spritz, i have just had bad expereinces with viruses in the past and dont want another epidemic on my hands! but i promise will leave alone to do it's thing lol

2 Apr, 2008

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