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Can bamboo be cut back?

Devon, United Kingdom Gb

I'm about to repot my tall bamboo and as the leaves are brown at the tips and generally unhealthy-looking, I wondered whether I can cut it back hard. Will it come back with fresh new growth? Also, have you any advice on feeding? I've been using pelleted farmyard manure about twice a year. Not sure whether I've got the botanical name right but it corresponds to the RHS photo and description which tells me that it is clump-forming.

On plant Pseudosasa Japonica



If it's tall, then maybe a container is the wrong place for it. It is likely to spread in the ground, so you could sink in barriers to stop this 'walking' if you have limited space. It could well be pot bound. If you prepare the planting area well, it should thrive there and not need feeding. Once it has grown new canes, the old ones could be removed.

The other cause for brown leaf tips is cold wind. Could this be happening to your bamboo?

1 Mar, 2009


I think it is pot-bound and I think I'll do as you suggest and plant it in the ground. It's not particularly cold and windy here in Exeter so I don't think I can blame the weather for the brown leaf tips.

Thanks for the advice Spritz.

1 Mar, 2009

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