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How can I improve my wisteria flowering?


By Aleyna

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Br

I have this wisteria more than 5 years, bought it with some flowers, never seen a flower since.
I've trimmed it and it comes vigorous with fresh green leaves, but not a single flower.
It faces the west, against a wall as can be seen on photo, and have afternoon sun.




The rule of thumb is when you buy a wisteria make sure the plant you buy has flowers on it. These plants can take up to 10 years to produce their first flower.
They need to be pruned twice a year in the Autumn and in February, but it sounds like you are doing that already. I think you may just have a young plant there, you could look at the soil in the pot and see if it has outgrown the pot, it does look a bit small for such a vigorous plant.

1 Mar, 2009


Can you not plant it in the ground there it could put it's roots down ,But agree as previous they can take for ever to start flowering.but once they start they go on for ever.

4 Mar, 2020

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