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how to cut back a treefern


By Dominic

Australia Au

we have three treferns in our breezeway that are becoming too tall can we cut them back



Think it would be difficult to remove the crown - that's the growing tip. Could try digging them up and chopping off the bottom and replanting them - the trunk is actually the root. When we buy them they seem to have been chopped at the base. Plant them at least a foot deep (30 cm), or even deeper if they are subjected to lots of wind.

28 Feb, 2009


I nearly had heart failure Dominic until I saw where you are from. Even in their native area though they are slow growing and will not get much bigger quickly. But if you have to then I reckon Fourseasons advice is pretty sensible. In the UK of course you would simply sell them for large amounts of money and buy smaller ones. Lol.


28 Feb, 2009

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