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Are there any plants, bulbs or shrubs called "Maureen"


By Amd

United Kingdom Gb

I'm trying to find a suitable way of creating a small memorial garden for my Mum who died recently. I would like to give something to my Dad, brothers and sister using her name. I think I've seen tulips in Holland but are there any other options?



Apparently there's a Clematis and an Astrantia. Not sure where to get them from though.

27 Feb, 2009


i dont know of any off the top of my head Amd, but i wanted a clematis called victoria and i googled that and it came up. so try doing that with any plant types you like. i'd be amazed if there isnt a rose with that name. good luck.

my husband says there is a white tulip called maureen.

27 Feb, 2009


there is a dark pink/crimson rose called 'the maureen rose' i just googled it for you. i like a challenge and there is nothing i fancy watching on the tv so i will keep editting this for you.
dahlia maureen kitchener. pinky peach almost cactus form
clematis maureen, crimson/pink
sweetpea teresa maureen
pelargonium maureen peachy pink double flower

these are the only ones i can find and i have to go read a bedtime story now. hope this helps.

27 Feb, 2009


Sorry to hear about the loss of your mum. I think your idea is a lovely one, and we'd all like to know your eventual choice, keep us updated...... :-)

27 Feb, 2009


There is a very pretty Clematis supplied on line by called Fond Memories which I think sounds rather nice for a memorial garden. Type in Clematis/Fond Memories and Thoms Morgan site will come up it is £9.99 Good Luck

28 Feb, 2009


I have found this site recently that has roses named after people and there is a yellow HT Rose called 'Maureen' on there.

copy and paste this into your web browser or got to and search roses A - Z

28 Feb, 2009


I have also found one on there called "My Mum"
Definitely worth a look.

28 Feb, 2009

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