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What type of laurel


By Hev

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Hi all. My Escallonia is now gone - all roots dug up - bare soil, no traces left. The ground is prepared and I plan to plant a laurel hedge in there (the escallonia had a BIG Fungus problem this has also affected other escallonias in the street so treating the soil etc is out as it will come back) So now there are lots of laurels to chose from. I need one I can trim with the hedge cutters (once a fortnight is fine) so not too woody. I am right on a main road so need a good screen I guess about 4 feet high. I would like to achieve this height as soon as I can as people are just walking by and STARING in. Realistically I guess within 2 years. So please any advice on which type to get and where to buy and size to buy - would be gratefully appreciated - many thanks in advance.



Hi! I would personally go for the spotted laurel, as it gives yellow colour. Much more interesting for the winter months. I use seceuturs (sp?) for my laurel and if yours is in the sun, it will grow quickly, esp. if you remember to water it very well in the 1st year of establishing itself.

I would also personally buy 3-5 year old plants, ones with lots of healthy side shoots. You could research on the internet to accomodate your budget. Just use froogle and it'll come up with the best ones.

Btw, what rude peeps!!! Stick something rude on your windowsill to get your own back!!! (titter!!!)

27 Feb, 2009

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