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Dead Tree?

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I have a tree - weeping type (sorry not a gardner) - in my garden of which the trunk has lost bark and centre appears to have rotted away. There does seem to be buds coming from the hanging branches. Is the tre dying and is it safe (I have young children) and should it be cut down and if not should I treat it?




I would recommend you to get a tree surgeon to give you advice, Markhelsby, it's not easy to see what the problem is from a photo, and I wouldn't want anything to happen to your children by giving the wrong advice.

If you can't get a tree surgeon - then maybe you should get rid of the tree. Sorry - I am just concerned about it from your description.

25 Feb, 2009


Fancy planting a tree in the middle of the football pitch!

25 Feb, 2009


well yes, but the daffs are going to look grand : ))
footie always sends me to sleep - trees much nicer.
Markhelsby, hope you get your prob solved one way or the other.
Looks like a willow.

25 Feb, 2009


It looks like it suffered from some kind of injury in the past. As long as the bark is intact on most of the trunk it shoud survive. I wouldn't think it will be a danger, unless it wobbles if you push on it.

28 Feb, 2009

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