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I have this plant growing about five feet high and it is in full leaf now and looks like it will flower. Leaves are about 8" long and the top of the stem towards the flowers looks quite furry. It has been in full leaf for quite a while but alas someone has today chopped it down ! Need to find out what it is and if I can take cuttings. Hope someone can help. Thanks.




Hi Magicmaker. Welcome to GOY. I think this is Viburnum rhytidophyllum. It should root quite readily from cuttings taken of non flowering shoots from June onwards. softwood in June semi hardwood later.

25 Feb, 2009


Certainly looks like it, or at least has V. rhytidophyllum blood in it, there is at least one hybrid around. Try sticking some of the cut off pieces from the shrub in compost now. Remove all but one leaf and keep humid, they might root. It will come back from severe pruning, as long as they left some of the stems above ground.

25 Feb, 2009


Thank you both for your help. After checking out v.rhytidophyllum I certainly agree. Cuttings are in and fingers crossed. Thanks once again.

27 Feb, 2009

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