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Damaged Acer


By Reem777

Northanmptonshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all

I have just purchased an Acer, have always wanted one. Its been outside for a couple of days in the pot it arrived in, I've repotted it today but discovered a damaged branch.

I don't know if this happened during transit or if the puppy got hold of it (hes usually pretty good about staying away from my plants).

I've taped up the branch and was wondering if thats the right thing to do or if I should be doing anything else to help it heal, if it will.




If the branch was not severed it may reattach, after all this is how grafting works.I would attach it to the cane above and below the damage so that it doesn't rock around in the wind. It will probably need all year to join up again.

5 Mar, 2009

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