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I have a well established Hydrangea growing in my back yard, but have not aquired an additional garden space to which I would like to put the shrub to give it more space. Would you tell me the best time of year to do this and whether you think it would survive the move? Also I have 3 conifers growing in tubs which I would also like to move to the same site. Can you advise? The conifers have always been in tubs and should have a good root base in there.

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conifers will plant out fine, if the roots are coiled around the pots loosen/tease them free or they tend to keep coiling. make sure the planting holes are twice as wide as the pot and at least 1/2 as deep again as the pot.
if you must move the hydrangea than prune it down to at 2-4 buds. dig up with as much soil around the roots as poss into the pre dug hole. condition the hole & back fill with compost/leafmould etc. plant firm in and water well. you will probably have no flowers this season but you are more likely to suceed with a little leaf. less water stress.
others may have a better suggestion for the hydrangea. good luck.

25 Feb, 2009

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