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By Novicem

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I have what I think is a Buddleia Alternifolia (having moved into a new house). I cut it back hard in March/April (oh dear) as I wasn't sure if it was dead, and it is currently flowering beautifully. I know now that this was all wrong, but when should I prune it to get flowers next year?



My RHS book says remove the flowering stems in summer.

3 Sep, 2011


after flowering as it flowers on last years wood. My brother only prunes out the stems that have outgrown the area he wants it in.

3 Sep, 2011


Buddleja alternifolia blooms in spring on the previous year's growth. B. davidii blooms in summer and early fall on the current year's growth. Yours sounds like the davidii type, Novice. If it was B. alternifolia, it would not have bloomed until next spring. Another difference is that B. davidii produces cone-shaped flower spikes at the tips of the branches, while B. alternifolia produces small, globular clusters all along the branches.

3 Sep, 2011


Many thanks for your comments. The plant does have alternate clumps of flowers, like an alternifolia and serrated, spear-shaped greyish leaves, but might be a completely different shrub, I suppose. Perhaps the best thing would be to see what it does in the Spring, and take it from there?

6 Sep, 2011


It might be an alternifolia that is confused by the weird weather, this year. I understand that many spring blooming plants are flowering out of season now.

7 Sep, 2011


Thanks, Tugbrethil, I did wonder whether that might be the case. I think I will just wait 'til Spring and see if it flowers again then.

7 Sep, 2011

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