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What can I do about the numerous offshoots around our sycamore trees? Any ideas please?


By Babsal

Carmarthenshire, United Kingdom Gb

We have beautiful sycamore trees in our garden but the offshoots are a real nuisance. How can I stop them growing after cutting and what is the best time to cut stems. Thanks to all who reply to my request.



I suspect the offshoots are reallly seedlings from the Sycamore.. You could probably kill trhem by cutting the root an inch or two below the surface. I did not think Sycamore sent out suckers. Posibly someone else can check on that?

23 Feb, 2009


Agreeing with Poaannua, I have found suckers appearing on roots that have been damaged i.e. with a mower. Cut back as far as you can and rub out any buds forming. Top dress the root area and leave it to nature.

24 Feb, 2009

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