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Can any one identify this Heather Please?

essex, England Eng

i rescued this Heather from the shop - it's not saleable as the flowers have gone over, so it is obviously a late winter/early spring flowering variey, it seems to be low growing. any info welcome - i have looked it up in my book but not really sure which it is.




Probably Erica carnea 'Golden Starlet', it's the only commercial white flowered, yellow foliaged carnea I am aware of.

30 Mar, 2008


Thanks Bluespruce, i could'nt find it anywhere in my books and i have seen it many times before, in planted bowls ect. we were going through all of the planted arrangements in the shop on saturday and there was two of them in a planted basket that had to be revamped as most of the plants had finished flowering. one of the good things about working in a flower shop is when this happens we get to take home the plants! they don't sell once they finish flowering and there is no point in keeping them in the shop as not many pot plants like the conditions and just end up dead. i thought these were quite a find!

30 Mar, 2008

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