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Please has anyone tried growing Myosotidium hortensia (Chatham Island Forget me not)?

I know it's not a hardy plant and that it needs shade and a seaweed feed, but can it be grown in a container and over-wintered in the greenhouse?

I like a challenge, but I'm wondering if this is one step too far!

On plant Myosotidium hortensia

Myosotidium_hortensia Myosotidium_leaf



Oo'er Spritz , I removed the picture of the snail in my garden......Cor ! he would luv this.

1 Sep, 2011


Eeeek! I have snails, too - they'd better not eat it...I'd better protect it...Grrrr.....

1 Sep, 2011


The one thing that I found on another forum was that it may be best to water with rainwater when you do...........

3 Sep, 2011


Thanks - I do, as it happens, because the plants in the greenhouse get watered from a rainwater butt. :-)

3 Sep, 2011


I should have added that the reason is that they dislike lime. Not sure if that means that they may prefer a slight acidity to the growing medium........

3 Sep, 2011


Mine survived -15c in the garden, but the one I had outside in a pot died, even with fleece over it. A friend of mine who has a nursery overwintered a 100 in a cold poly tunnel, and lost very few!

3 Sep, 2011


Thanks - that's very helpful. I might think about planting it out! The Nursery said it should be fine, but it looks so delicate.

3 Sep, 2011


Spritz - have you still got this one? I found a good blog online from someone in New Zealand who grows it successfully:

30 Dec, 2016

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