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thuja conifers turning brown??

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we planted 80 x 6ft thuja plants in april 08 & all of them have turned 70% brown, is this correct or have they died?? Our soil is clay & care was taken to water them over the summer, any suggestions or comments to help them would be appreciated.



Are the parts that look brown dry? Do they crack and break when you bend them? Or, do they just look sort of brown but are still pliable?
Thuja can look sort of brownish over the winter but the foliage is still pliable and they will green up once the spring arrives. However, if they are dry and brown then they are dying. Were the root balls wrapped in burlap or in pots? If they were in burlap, did you remove the burlap or just loosen it off? Have you used any fertilizer?

23 Feb, 2009


Many Thuja varieties turn what I would call bronze rather than brown in the winter, if the foliage is still greenish within the plants then they should be ok, and as Gilli says will start to green up again in the spring.

23 Feb, 2009

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