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By Lisal

Surrey, United Kingdom

Have just returned from Brittany with an "acquired" seed head from two plants. One is a small compact sea holly that was growing on a shingle beach, and the other is a beautiful black grass with a massive seed head in almost pure black similar or the same as "Janettes" photo of the Purple Baron in the grasses section,or it may be a Pennesetum variety "purple majesty" My question is when and in what type of compost should I put the seed in and has anyone had any experience of growing either of these plants?? Thanks in advance for any help on this subject.



The black grass may not be winter hardy, so put the seeds in an envelope, labelled, and then in a plastic container in the fridge to keep them til spring. Then in April, sow the seeds into a seed compost in a pot or tray. They should germinate in a couple of weeks. Pot them on as they grow and plant them out in May/June where you want them. They may also be annual varieties so save more seed next summer to repeat the process the following year.
The Sea holly can be sown now or in spring but try to replicate the shingle beach effect by using a very gritty compost and plenty of sun.

6 Sep, 2011


Thank you volunteer will do ...although am wondering whether seed head was actually ready rto harvest now) will give it a go and see no harm eh? regards Lisal

6 Sep, 2011

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