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Last year i grew gourgettes in grow bags, this year I am preparing raised beds for them and I have a full compost bin should I mix the compost with the soil 50/50 or should I just fill bed with compost and use all my valuable compost for a better yield , any idea's?



depends how many courgettes you want to eat Maccrimmon :o} I personally dont like :o{ them so i wouldnt waste my compost. try 50/50 and see what your yield is like and then next year when you have even more compost you can try a different mix.

20 Feb, 2009


ye suppose . . . . the neighbours were running away from me last year if i appeared with courgettes as i gave that many away but i like em! seaburn

20 Feb, 2009


I had a similar problem with rhubarb, some people just dont know what's good for them. They had the cheek to ask for goosberries and blackcurrants though !

20 Feb, 2009


Wish you could send that Rhubarb over here to me Seaburn. We love it and it is getting hard to find. No one likes the "old-fashion" stuff anymore! : )

21 Feb, 2009

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