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tulip bulbs have started to shoot

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i recently purchased some tulip bulbs ready to plant in august/dec this year (says so on packet) i have noticed they have started to shoot, can i plant them now & will they flower this year with the ones i have in already?

On plant tulipa triumph purple prince



this very question was posed by someone on our local radio station on the Sunday gardening show, and the expert said yes you can, they would be late obviously but should be ok.

20 Feb, 2009


I think you will be lucky if they flower this year Lynne. Some might and the rest will catch up next year.

20 Feb, 2009


My Daff bulbs did the same thing and I planted them last month, now they have grown big tall green stems but haven't flowered. It's very odd isn't it!

31 Oct, 2009

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