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I have inherited two full compost bins.

Somerset, United Kingdom Gb

I put in some Garotta about 4 weeks ago and gave them a good turn. Is that enough? Would the second week in March be too soon to use it? Can I mix it with anything else?



The answer is to get some out - from the bottom - and see what it's like. If it looks dark brown, smells sweet and is crumbly with no sign of stuff that has not rotted down, then it's ready. I realise that getting it from the bottom may mean turning a bin out completely (onto a plastic sheet or tarpaulin!) but you won't be able to find out otherwise.

Uses - well, as a mulch for your beds, round roses and Clematis in particular, to back-fill when you plant anything, and I mix in a handfull of chicken manure pellets when I do this.

20 Feb, 2009

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