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Will anything grow under a laurel hedge?

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I have a newly planted laurel hedge, about 2ft apart, and wonder if it is worth planting anything under/between to fill it out a bit whilst growing



Hi Newhedge,
I would recommend you plant Vinca, the green one.

18 Feb, 2009


Vinca is a good choice, you can also get a variegated Vinca minor with white or blue flowers, its not a thug like its bigger cousin vinca major. Pachysandra, it is a slowish growing evergreen plant that is happy in shade. You can also get a variegated form. Dont forget that what ever you plant will compete with the new hedge for water etc.

If it is the 'sunny side what about primroses or something similar, interspersed with snowdrops etc.

18 Feb, 2009

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