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Would a disused fridge-freezer make a good mini-greenhouse? How much ventilation do plants need? If the door was left open at night would that suffice?



Wouldn't make a good greenhouse at all - greenhouses allow light to enter round the sides and roof - your fridge freezer shuts out all light other than that coming through the open door. Secondly, no air flow, damp dark conditions equals lots of fungal problems - mildew, toadstools, mushrooms, rot...

23 Aug, 2011


The answers are the same as when you asked the question last month.

23 Aug, 2011


thought I had seen this question before!!!!!
thought at the time it was a daft idea!!!!!

23 Aug, 2011


Well, sometimes people have an idea about what they want to do - and they sort of want confirmation or 'permission' to do it because really, they know its probably not a good idea at all. So asking the same question a couple of weeks later indicates that's what's going on here, I'd say.
Anyway, my answer was actually somewhat different from those previously given.

23 Aug, 2011


Plants need lots of light, fresh air and moisture. In an enclosed fridge they would only have light from the front and would become drawn and spindly. Official advice is to dispose of old fridges safely for two reasons, - one that the propellant should not be allowed to escape into the atmosphere, and two that there is a danger that a child might get shut inside and suffocate when the fridge isn't in use. So regardless of whether your plants would survive you should take it to the tip where it can be disposed of safely.

Can't remember what Bamboo said last time, but if she disagrees I'm sure she'll let us know!

23 Aug, 2011


I didn't see this question the first time round, Steragram, so my answer above is the only one I've given.

23 Aug, 2011


Seems strange you are you asking again? we havent changed our minds. Also you have a legal requirement to dispose of fridge/freezers safely now a days.

23 Aug, 2011


Old fridges contain many nasty chemicals, and I for one wouldn't grow anything in them unless of course you want to grow some sort of botulism.

In which case I would be seriously worried 'malice aforethought' comes to mind.

You should get your local council to take away your unwanted fridge. It may cost you a few quid, but at what price the environment??????

23 Aug, 2011

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